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Sensory Tools Set
Sensory Tools Set
Sensory Tools Set
Sensory Tools Set
Sensory Tools Set
Sensory Tools Set
Sensory Tools Set
Sensory Tools Set

Sensory Tools Set

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Aug 20 - We have made changes to two scoops. Nesting boxes are available for bundle purchase with the tools set or sold separate :) These nesting boxes close loosely. They are good for working on gross motor skills using fingers/palm to open close :)


These tools are size and length appropriate for little ones! They come in different widths to work with various sized items. Use loose parts of different weights, textures, shapes and scents to add sensory elements to play - for felt balls, we recommend using a range of 1cm to 1.5cm with the tongs (we have 1.5cm wool balls in our sensory play range!)

Interestingly, while taking photos of the set, my 2 and 5 year old engaged in pretend kitchen play with them. These tools are versatile! I hope they would bring you and your little ones lots of fun :)

Tools are made from beech, birch or bamboo.

Option 1: Sensory Tools Set includes:
  1. 8.5cm scoop with round handle
  2. 10cm scoop with round handle
  3. 8cm scoop with flat handle
  4. 10.5cm scoop with flat handle
  5. 10cm spoon
  6. 11cm bamboo tongs
  7. Mini wooden bucket - 5.5cm diameter by 4.8cm height (excluding bucket hoop)
  8. Mini wooden bowl - 6cm diameter by 3cm height 
  9. Mini wooden cylinder box with knob lid (great for your little ones to practise their pincer grip). Lid does not close tight. - 5.5cm diameter by 4cm height
  10. Drawstring bag

Option 2: Sensory Tools Set + Nesting Boxes include:

  1. Items 1 to 10 + 2 nesting boxes with lids (close loosely) (7cm diameter, 6.5cm height; 5.5cm diameter by 4cm height) 

Little Yellow Brick Tip : work with a few tools at a time, depending on sensory elements used/size required; different sizes, handles work different fine motor skills. It's also less overwhelming having to choose from different items at the same time. :)

- Actual colours may vary from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and individual monitor colour settings.
- Colour and texture of wood varies due to the natural nature of untreated wood. Wood markings, rough and uneven surfaces are normal. They can be sanded or left natural. Use food safe wax to protect your tools from stains.
- Pieces are natural and untreated. Not for use with water soaking. Please dry them well if they get wet.
- Purchase of nesting boxes (without tools set) does not come with a drawstring bag.
- Dap white vinegar on a piece of tissue paper and clean off oxidized stains on the bucket handles should they come in contact with water.