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Tinker Tray - 2 Section
Tinker Tray - 2 Section

Tinker Tray - 2 Section

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A 2 section tray. 

Use it as a tray - display tools in the smaller section and sensory elements in the larger compartment. You may wax or oil the tray if using it as a base for sensory play material (eg. sand). Lid is fragile due to its large size. Handle with care.

Measures 40cm x 30cm x 5cm.

Made from pine and plywood. Lightly sanded. Option to purchase with a lid that fits loosely.

- Actual colours may vary from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and individual monitor colour settings.
- Colour and texture of wood varies due to the natural nature of wood. Wood markings are normal.
- Box lid is not scratch resistant. There are markings on the plastic lids due to shipping.
- Wood is lightly sanded. Clean wood dust with dry magic clean wipes. There may be glue markings.