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Nesting Boxes
Nesting Boxes
Nesting Boxes

Nesting Boxes

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These nesting boxes close loosely. They are good for working on gross motor skills using fingers/palm to open close :) 

7cm diameter, 6.5cm height; 5.5cm diameter by 4cm height.

Available for sale separate or bundled with our sensory tools set.

- Actual colours may vary from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and individual monitor colour settings.
- Colour and texture of wood varies due to the natural nature of untreated wood. Wood markings, rough and uneven surfaces are normal. They can be sanded or left natural. Use food safe wax to protect your tools from stains.
- Pieces are natural and untreated. Not for use with water soaking. Please dry them well if they get wet.
- Purchase of nesting boxes (without tools set) does not come with a drawstring bag.