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50cm x 70cm Rectangular Acrylic Mirror

50cm x 70cm Rectangular Acrylic Mirror

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Mirrors are wonderful tools for engaging young children. They add depth, dimension to play and develop visual senses. 

Fit them in frames 50cm x 70cm or use them on their own. Please secure well to the wall. 3mm thickness, scratch resistant acrylic.

Fragile item. Will be wrapped with cardboard. Please be careful when unwrapping the item.

*only for deliveries within SG*

- Mirrors are scratch resistant, not scratch proof. The use of sharp objects will damage the surface. Mirror is one sided. Remove plastic film before use. Does not come with adhesive tape.
- Acrylic mirrors are breakable but they do not shatter like glass. Please use with adult supervision and ensure they are firmly secured on vertical surfaces.